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Butterfly nature trail, Uttendorf/Weißsee, County of Pinzgau, Principality Salzburg, Austria

360 ° panorama of Butterfly interpretive trail

The trail leads you from the "Dorfbachstraße" to the "Stefflbauer" farm where you´ll find the first
information plate. Then you´ll cross the exposed hill with its flora and insects that love the warm sunny
side. Use the opportunity to watch the life and death of these multi-coloured butterflies. Over wooden
steps the path leads you into the shady "Steinergraben" where benches invite you to take a rest. Past
the marshy "Erlenau" with green moss and ferns you´ll follow the trail to the "Findlings" (devil´s stone -

witnesses of the ice age). The last part of the trail leads you along the forest and over meadows full of

Starting point is the village center and after 1,5 hours you´ll reach the finishing point - the Alpengasthof
Liebenberg inn. The difference in altitude is 300m.

Informations: Tourist-office A-5723 Uttendorf/Weißsee- Dorfbachstr. 1
Tel. +43(0)6563/8279, Fax +43(0)6563/8585
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